Healing With Art – Part 1 -Finding Your Muse

Healing With Art – Part 1 -Finding Your Muse

The Muse is In

The word “Muse” generally refers to a person who serves as a source of inspiration or creative stimulus to an artist, musician, writer, designer or a filmmaker.

Muse can be any person, real or imaginary,known to the artist personally or not, that ignites the spark of creativity within artist of of all kinds and allow them to focus on a particular vision.

There is a saying that when an artist falls in love with someone, that person will live forever, immortalised in the artist’s creations.

In the end, whether it is writing a book, creating a piece of art, composing music or designing stylish garments, creative individuals from time infinite have drawn inspiration from many aspects of real life. 

As of such, Sustainable Lifestyle is an Art of itself and it’s muse is simply the nature itself. Kairu offers Natural Colors and dye extracted from flowers, seeds and plants itself. These are biodegradable solutions which is beneficial for humans in general.

As French novelist, Marcel Proust aptly put it, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

If we can just learn to approach what is familiar around us with a fresh perspective, we will find that everything can inspire us to create and be our muse to imitate life.

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