Why Sell With Kairu

Why Sell With Kairu

Join a Sustainable Market place where millions of “environmentalist” are seeking for unique biodegradable and sustainable items.


Transparent, Reliable & Easy


No Monthly Fees, Automatic Sales Deposit, Seller Protection & Secure Transaction


FREE Listing on Kairu


When you sell an item, there will be a small (<5%) transaction and payment processing fee.


You only pay ads fee once you make a sale from one of those ads



Let our powerful yet simple tool to do the work for you while you have fun

-Manage your business at your finger tips


-Seamless payment system


-Optimize your shop with stats



Help when you need it.

What Can You Sell

Anything and everything which is nature-friendly and sustainable to our environment

Kairu is a global sustainable marketplace where people around the world connect to make, sell, and buy sustainable goods.


You can sell biodegradable, sustainable handmade goods, plastic-free items and natural supplies on Kairu

Ready to start Selling

In just few minutes, your shop will be open for business