Kairu FAQs

In Japanese, it means “an ocean or sea of flow” of nature or arts. Sustainability is an Art of it’s own.

In Africa, it means ” The Black One”

The true origin meaning of “Kairu” is Coir/Rope made of Coir in Tamil/Malayalam language where Coconuts are found and used daily in abundance. Coir products are most variety and compostable.

This has inspired the founder to maintain it’s originality and rope the oceanic flow of nature to protect itself against the aghast destruction to the mother earth

So, in the nutsehell,Kairu means Global – We are in this together in getting back to our roots.

So many wonderful people! More than the founder and her close knitted team, disguised as angel’s messengers  as well as  the earth healers – who adds a fresh breath to the brand. Together we support a community of millions of creative social businesses and their customers helping the earth regains its life under the banner of “Back to its Roots”.

Kairu’s mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. As a sustainable focused organisation, we view our social, environmental and business goals as inseparable. Founder call this “sustainable lifestyle,” which means it’s not just mere business but also as value to be a part of our daily lifestyle. We don’t just recycle coconut husk  to be coir based various goods or other natural ingredients but strive on creating a moving forward green lifestyle. We envision creating a sustainable community to protect our earth in a longer run with a saying of “Back of it’s roots”.

Our business model is based on shared success: We make money only when Kairu earth healers make money. Marketplace revenue includes a FREE listing fee for each item listed and a minimal fee only for completed  sales on our website.

Sustainability is not a new thing for us human. We are born with the inner ability to practise “Back to Our Roots” lifestyle. 

Recently more of us have started to realise and live by this mantra and started their own social enterprise. We call them Earth Healers.

Absolutely. Kairu earth healers range from artist to professional merchants, and have a broad range of personal and professional goals. Some Kairu sellers just want some extra pocket money, while others depend on their shops to support themselves and their families. From Seller Survey worldwide reveals a unique population of Internet-enabled creative entrepreneurs who are building businesses on their own terms—prioritizing flexibility, independence and creativity.

If you want to sell your natural based or sustainable products, make sure they fit within our Sustainable Policy. Then, visit kairuarts.com/sell to set up your shop. It is absolutely FREE to list your products in Kairu and your imagination to set up a global business.


At Kairu, our Earth Healers hails from various part of the country and global. We do not support impulsive buying nor middle person in order to reduce or carbon for print, hence it might take anytime from 7-14 days for shipment to take place.Once order is shipped you received your tracking number via email (check Spam and Promotions folders too if it’s not in your inbox), you can check your order status via the tracking number.

*Note that some delay may be expected during peak season.

Kindly send us your order number, the list of items you received and list of items that are missing/wrongly received via wecare@kairuarts.com .We will get back to you the soonest.

*Please note that return, cancel or replacement are purely based on Seller’s discernment.

At Kairu, our Earth Healers takes sustainable approach in this too. We use paper bags, recycled glass jars & bottles, recycled boxes and many more eco-friendly options to pack your order with the highest quality that all zero wasters like you deserve. Though we’re trying our best to save our planet and be as sustainable as possible, we may find it absolutely necessary to use items like bubble wrap to wrap the very fragile items or biodegradable plastic bags to pack your fragile items to keep them safe, fresh and away from pests during delivery. We’re trying our best to find and use zero waste packaging options, however for some compostable packaging items’ are nit available at this part of the world and cost are very high which is only available in the western landscape and we thrive to bring sustainability lifestyle to everyone possible.

*Reducing carbon footprint is also a huge part of our movement in attaining sustainable lifestyle.Lets work together as a family to heal the earth.

Kairu Community is a platform where every Earth Healer, Earth Lovers, Environmentalist and Artist share their dialogues, meetups, workshops and virtual meeting for a great cause.

To become a member of the Kairu Seller community, create a free account by clicking ‘Join the Mighty Network’ which will on our homepage.

or shortcut here:

Mighty Network share link : https://kairuarts-sustainable-lifestyle.mn.co/share/z0z6ZbIqZq7RkIEg?utm_source=manual