Sustainable Policy

Kairu "Back to Roots" Policy

Our Sustainable Meter

Kairu “Back to Roots” policy ensures that every ingredients and finished products is highly vetted in order to create a natural, waste free, sustainable and eco-friendly community . We make sure that our earth healers take genuine interest in understanding materials and product creating methods to be in-line with our policy in ensuring that sustainable lifestyle is attained in our ever-evolving world with doing least damage to the world and society well-being. We thereby measure the impact of production, use and disposal of each product that is curated by us.

We verify the impact through few selection process:

SOURCE OF INGREDIENTS – What is it made of? Where do the ingredients come from?

Raw Material

Natural Ingredients

Plastic Free

Thrifty/Second Hand

Chemical Free


Environmental Impact

We ensure that our earth healers comply to our “Back to Roots” policy with all the products created must help the environment with low impact on earth.

Screening Through Products

We constantly screen through products to our best ability in ensuring that our customers and earth healers receive only the best sustainable products convincing their advocacy to the nature and it’s healing.