Become Kairu Earth Healer

Becoming Kairu Earth Healer

Kairu Arts exclusively features Earth Healers(sellers) -artists, brands, products and makers who run their businesses with respect for people and the planet. 

A Shop for Sustainable Unique Items


Do you have a product that is Sustainable, Plastic-Free, Organic or Chemical Free?

Is your product made with Natural raw materials?

Do you source Natural Ingredients for your products?

Does your company have Responsible, Eco-friendly, Ethical or Sustainable practices?


If you think you’ve got what it takes to become our partner, we are looking to work with sustainable earth healing brands like yours.

How to become an Earth Healer (Seller)

Check out our input below and Seller Agreement to understand further 

Product Details Exchange

After receiving your registeration, we will review your details and get in touch with you to understand about your products. You will then hear from us in form of email or phone to request for a product catalogue.

Product Selection



We will review your product details and shortlist the products that we think will work well for our audience, curation and cause.

Product Sample Review


As part of our sustainability-check efforts, we also request for samples of each SKU before we partner with you. This will help us make an informed decision.

Seller Onboarding


Once the product is selected, we will ask you for some basic business details to register you as a seller with us.

Why Should You Send Us Samples?



We would like to ensure that what we preach is what we deliver.

We want justice to be served for the Earth Healing community through you our Earth Healers.

We love to assist through our feedback upon sample verification.

Share with us your passion through your products

Be our Earth Healers through your beautiful products

Still Curious?

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