Usha’s Ethos – BATH TOWELS : Non BT, Organic cotton & naturally dyed

Usha’s Ethos – BATH TOWELS : Non BT, Organic cotton & naturally dyed



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Product Description

People care, planet care, slow, color conscious cotton products.
The products are curated keeping in mind the biggest organ of human body, ‘SKIN’ and our only home ‘EARTH’.

Just like slow food which is made in slow process keeps nutrients in tact, slow clothing made in slow process like hand-spinning hand weaving and natural dyeing keeps quality of the fabric in tact.

The time spent in the fabric and how close it gets to the skin matters to our overall health. The colors we use are all plant derived and our products are VEGAN.

Each product of ours will make a difference on user at a personal level as much as on the planet.

Why fabrics matter to your skin health?
Chemicals can permeate your skin, which is constantly eliminating and absorbing- all day and everyday. So, things that go on your skin can also go into your body. Be-Aware.
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Additional Information

Towel Color

Blue: Clitoria Flower, Purple: Vembadam Bark, Pink: Palash Flowers, Orange: Marigold Flowers, Green: Weldia Leaves, Yellow: Annato Seeds

Towel Size

75cm x 75cm, 75cm x 150cm