Why Natural Fibre


Sustainable Fashion


Little did we know that the way we dress is destroying the world.


Fast and cheap clothing creates the “Fast Fashion” which is a threat to the earth and it’s habitants health.


Studies show our current generation uses 5x more clothing than our ancestors and discards them in half the time we did 15 years ago. Compounding this issue of rapid and careless consumption is the fact that about 60% of our clothing is now made of plastic microfibres.


Simply laundering these materials means innumerable microfibres which is too miniscule to be filtered by today’s washing machines. This will float undetected into our waterways and in turn into the food and drinks we ingest.

Back to its Roots

Kairu as a social enterprise advocates the urge to create clothing with natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk.

Such natural fibres not only fixes the environmental concerns but also could help perpetuate natural fibres weaving traditions and create healthy economic opportunities to pull weavers out of poverty.

Mostly the weaving community is run by women and Kairu aims to empower women through this social enterprise platform.

Healing Power of Natural Fibres

All of us have to rethink on how we dress ourselves. Kairu is starting a movement by encouraging everyone to make at least 50% of our wardrobes into natural fibres.

Studies supports the ancient belief that natural fibres has high frequency which potentially have healing powers.

Such magic healing fibres can help with everything from promoting relaxation and better sleep, improve blood circulation, blood pressure and promote general wellbeing.

Now that we know better, we can shed the light of awareness of sustainable fashion and be the needed change to make important shift into a better and more well balanced life.