Kairu Carbon Footprint

Kairu Carbon Footprint

carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide—released into the atmosphere by a particular human activity. A carbon footprint can be a broad measure or be applied to the actions of an individual, a family, an event, an organization, or even an entire nation.


Online business at some point when not rushed may contribute in reduction of carbon footprint. However the convenience of online shopping may result in impulsive shopping which increases the chances of buying a product that does not fully satisfy our needs and as a result returning the item which subsequently increases the carbon footprint from transporting the item. After which, if defective, the returned items are often discarded by the sellers.



As a community that promotes sustainable lifestyle and aims to ease kairuans to adapt to low waste sustainable lifestyle, we put much effort in creating awareness and education to make purchases wisely and not impulsively.


We take much steps in our effort of adopting sustainable lifestyle:


*Use coir/jute based rope to tie products to set it up as a set if more than one item is purchased


*Earth Healers to provide sustainable packaging for their products


*Continuously sourcing for sustainable packaging


*80-90% of our items are package free or minimal packaging (not including postage source of packaging)

Avoid Impulse Buying

*Do not buy anything impulsively just because it’s cheap, on sale or being endorsed but destructive to the environment

*Buy only and only what you need. Once you decided to buy what you need, only buy what is sustainable and environmental friendly

*Decide what you need carefully and avoid return of the product

*If by any chance you need to return any item, use Kairu platform to resell the item to other shoppers unless it’s genuinely broken/faulty. Buying or selling second hand product will prevent a functioning item from going to waste


Rushed Deliveries

*Do not let your decision be cloud with rushed deliveries unless it’s a food or grocery items


*Rushed item will only increase the carbon footprint by increasing the number of touch points

Make the right choice today individually so that it will reflect and make a difference not only to our lifestyle but also the environment accumulatively.

Come together as a community of Earth Healers and Lovers so that  WE can heal the world and make it a better place to live .